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Monday 6 February 2012

The History of the Clubman's TT races - book review

The History of the Clubman's TT races 1947 - 1956 by Fred Pidcock and Bill Snelling.

There is a distinct lack of historical information published covering the events of the IOM Clubman's races. As a result, the writers of this book have created a detailed, year by year account following the riders, the machines and the people that made the Clubman's races happen.

From the initial concept of the 'Tourist Trophy Team Test' to the first successful Clubman's races in 1947, the book goes to quite some length explaining how some of the biggest names in motorcycling felt about the idea of non-professional, production-based motorcycle road racing. It is hard to believe that some were quite against the idea!

Run by the ACU, the organisers were quite specific that the Clubman's events were to be graded 'National' status, allowing affiliated clubs to enter participants form any country. The writers have included some fascinating opinions provided by many well-known names of the time, highlighting the politics involved during the conception and demise of the Clubman's races.

Involving machinery from almost all post-war UK-based motorcycle manufacturers, (including plenty of Norton Inter's) the Clubman's races gave riders from all levels, backgrounds and abilities the chance to take-on the legendary Mountain course without the support of a factory - encapsulating the spirit of bike racing as a whole. The book is made all the more richer by the numerous heart-warming first-hand accounts describing the journeys and lengths entrants went, in order to compete.

I'd like to whole-heartedly recommend the book as it boasts excellently written accurate content, top quality images and some brilliant motivational material!

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