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Friday 3 December 2010

Red Marley 'Freak' Hill Climb

The Red Marley Hill Climb event consists of a straight 440 yard or 1/4mile off road hill reaching approximately 1:1.5 at the top ending in a tricky jump known as "the pimple".

Competing four at a time from a standing start, all bikes entered must be built pre-1970, the first two riders across the line progressing to the next round. There are three classes allowing a range of eligible bikes including rigid pre-1950 machines and custom made classic scramblers.

Watch the excellent video provided by Richard Radon of riders dealing with the hill in the 2010 event.

The event is also supported by the Red Marley Classic Trial, a 20 stage event that attracted over 120 riders in 2010.

Founded by Len Vale-Onslow -the first man to ever scale the hill over 75 years ago, the event went from strength to strength up until 1971 when for one reason or another the event was cancelled. During that time a challenging, twisty route was introduced and at one point heavy duty mesh was installed on the track to aid traction in poor weather! Too little interest and too much bureaucracy was more than likely to blame.

Read the full story at the RedMarleyHillClimb.com

Thursday 2 December 2010

NSU Sportmax by Kent Riches

Spotted on Facebook, this homemade NSU 250 Sportmax was built by American motorcycle parts manufacturer, Ken Riches. A fine first effort, Ken recently sold the bike and it now resides at the National Motorcycle Musuem. A very interesting machine and an equally interesting choice of supporting model. Anyone for Freedom Thighs?

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