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Monday, 11 April 2011

Mallory Park VMCC test day - 8th April 2011

Some very sunny images of the recent test day at Mallory Park with NSU 250 Sportmax Replica and 500 ES2 'Green Meanie'. The fantastic weather and brand new surface at Mallory provided the perfect opportunity to put some miles on both machines in preparation for my inaugural race later in the season.

The nimble, lightweight NSU proved itself as an extremely capable track machine, (hopefully like the rider in the near future) diving into turns and remaining very stable at higher speeds. Wearing new Avon Roadrider track tyres the strong little 250 was very stable under braking and encouraged ever higher cornering speeds as my knowledge of the track improved.

There were all sizes and ages of machines present, including this pre-war Velocette 350 I'm chasing into Edwine's.

This shiny beast was built by the very highly skilled Mike Pemberton of Pushrod Performance. Beginning with a 1960 Norton 99 Dominator frame, the bike uses a 350 crank, short stroked with an alloy 500 barrel. Combined with belt primary drive, a rather special piston and you have quite unique machine. Nick-named the Green Meanie (a drop of green paint was used to achieve the frame colour), I see it as something of a streetfighter from the 60s...


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Mallory Park was the first non-track racing in the late forties, when Quarry Leicester Motorcycle Club used the grass runway. It was not paved until 1955, when it was bought by Clive Wormleighton. And 'changed hands several times, and the basic structure of the original strip of grass - an oval with a "handle" - was left unchanged, although some structural changes have been added the year went on.

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