Clubman Classics is a personal blog inspired by the fearless, amateur road racers who competed in the 1947 - 1956 Isle Of Man Clubman's TT races and their production based machines.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Norton 500T Special- Back on the road again..

Although not exactly a road racer, this 16H based 500T certainly pulls like one! The light weight, rigid construction including trials exhaust and push rod 500cc single makes for a surprisingly rapid machine.

Acceleration is brisk and one thing you must remember when out riding on tarmac is to dodge the bumps in the road! Or maybe just let a few Psi out of the back tyre..

Put together by pushrod specialist Mike Pemberton, I rode the bike last weekend and was amazed at the power on offer. The riding position with it's rear sets and wide bars feels slightly strange at first but suits the rugged nature of the bike.

Last year I entered the bike into the The Arbuthnot Vintage Trial where I was thrown from the bike thanks to a hidden ditch in the long grass. The impact with the ground snapped the front brake lever and chewed the valve lifter cable, but after much cable trickery (who knew cable housings were so bloody strong?) the 500T special was ready for the road and green lanes again.

After an enjoyable half hour stint carving up the local country lanes my bruised knee and dented pride were all but a distant memory.


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